Speaker Meeting

Mon 7th November 2011

Paul Westerway from Bond Air Services, Staverton

Paul first surprised us all by explaining that he was on the very first Air Ambulance flight which was used to collect a young girl who had injured her back on a beach in Cornwall.

After recounting this very event with which he was personally involved  he went on to give a fascinating over-view of his company 'Bond Air Services' which is now based at Gloucestershire Airport Staverton.

The company is engaged in diverse applications for which helicopters are particularly suited. These are, Air Ambulance, Police, Search and Rescue, Oil Rig support, Wind Farm work, and Lighthouse Authority support. On the Air Ambulance work his company covers over 50% of the UK.

In addition they train pilots from over the world in their own Flight Simulator which is recognised as one of the most advanced of its type.

Everyone was surprised that such a company was on our doorstep yet no one was really aware of its existence!