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Our Club and Godalming Woolsack Club planted  lots of Purple for Polio crocuses  (assisted by volunteers, young and old) and with the permission of the Local Town Council.

They are in bloom in mid March and will propogate themselves over the next few years - a good reminder of the Rotary drive to eliminate Polio FOR EVER.

Rotary Foundation

In 2016-17, Rotary Foundation is 100 years old.  For a whole century Rotarians have been helping to change lives and improve communities all over the world which has to be something to celebrate.

Godalming Rotary has played a full part in supporting many projects which have provided clean water,fought disease, promoted peace, provided education, or stabilised local communities.

The major project for the year of 2016-17 is to get close, oh so close, to eliminating Polio.  Only 2 countries are currently experiencing new cases and mercifully, those new infections are very small in number.  But as is said many many times, polio is just one plane ride or train ride away.  We HAVE to finish the job started.  Our Club is helping raise awareness as well as funds by planting 5,000 crocus bulbs which in the spring, when the latest round of immunisations will be taking place, should be a carpet of purple.  Purple4Polio is the slogan and is derived from the purple dye put on the childrens fingers so that is is easy to see who has received their dose and who not. .  

Every $1 as well as every £1 donated is matched by the Gates Foundation to become $3   /  £3.   We are proud to support this campaign every year and intend to do so until the job is done.

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