Club Fellowship Rota 2018




As a reminder, your duties on fellowship are as follows: Please attend as early as possible, preferably by 12.30pm, in order to greet visitors and ensure they are entertained, provided with a drink and are looked after during lunch. 
Please ensure that visitors sign the Visitors Book and hand this to the President at the start of the lunch.  One member on duty will be required to say Grace and if there is a speaker the other may propose the vote of thanks. 
Obtain the fellowship badge at reception and return it after the meeting.  Box combination is on the ‘Members only page’, for the Visitors Book, Grace and Attendance Cards (if required).
  Please note: If you are unable to attend please ask a Rotarian to take your place on that day and advise the Secretary.      

                                                    JANUARY                                3             TONY RUSSELL                                 PAM JUCKES                           

                                                 10            MELVILLE OSBORNE            PETER ROWE                                                                                 

                                             17           GEOFFREY KNIGHTS                        PETER RITCHIE

                                                                                                  24           CHARLES REYNOLDS                      BEN WILKES                                             

                                                                                                31                    KEITH VARNALS      RICHARD MACHELL                                                                                       

                                                              FEBRUARY                           7            NICKY ROACH                                            VIC WALLIS                              

                                                14          ROBERT KNOWLES                             ANTHONY GRIBBIN

                                                                                                21                    PETER McNEIL                                              DAVID HARRIS                         

                                                                                                28                    DOT SAUNDERS                                            JOHN HANCOCK                      

                                                MARCH                                      7                   DAVID PEARCE                                             DAVID WATSON                      

                                                                                                14                    CHRIS ROACH                                                 PAM JUCKES                           

                                                                                                21                    KEN ASHMORE                                               MIKE CLOUGH                         

                                                                                                28                    BOB JENKIN                                              JOHN SHEARN                         

                                                APRIL                                       4                      MICHAEL GILL                                            JOHN CULVER                          

                                                                                                11           MICHAEL HICKS                                SHEILA PERCIVAL

                                                                                                18           LINDA TAYLOR                                 PETER RITCHIE                                         

                                                                                                25           BRIAN HALL                                      KEN ASHMORE                       

                                                                        MAY     2                        PETER ROWE               GEOFFREY KNIGHTS                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                9                      MELVILLE OSBORNE              CHARLES REYNOLDS   

                                                                                                16                    RICHARD MACHELL                  NICKY ROACH                                         

                                                                                                23                    VIC WALLIS                                 KEITH VARNALS

                                                                                                30                    ROBERT KNOWLES                    PETER McNEIL        

                                                           JUNE                             6                      ANTHONY GRIBBIN                  DOT SAUNDERS              

                                                                                                13                    BEN WILKES                               DAVID PEARCE              

                                                                                                20                    JOHN HANCOCK                        DAVID WATSON                                                

                                                                                                27           RICHARD MACHELL           BOB JENKIN