Foundation and International

The Rotary Organisation is International - consequently "Foundation and International" reflects the very essence of what Rotary is about:
FOUNDATION -- Rotary has been founded to promote Understanding,
Goodwill and Peace throughout the world.
INTERNATIONAL -- By co-operation and pooling of resources, individual
clubs can set up projects internationally which are well beyond the
scope of clubs acting alone.
This is how it works (and it does work -- Rotary International has very efficient
and financially prudent structures in place to ensure this).
* Each member gives regularly to the "Foundation International" funds.
* Clubs add other funds to this in various ways
* This is divided between Large Projects (eg "End Polio Now")
and smaller ones.
* Monies given which are not used for larger projects are credited to
the District in which the club gave them is set (Torquay is in the Devon and Cornwall District).
* Individual clubs can set up projects, usually working with other
clubs throughout the world,financing these in part by bidding for
District grants from the Foundation funds and/or Global grants from
the central Foundation Fund. These projects have to fall within
the parameters of "Health, education or the alleviation of Poverty".
In 2013/14/15 Torquay Rotary worked with 2 other Clubs in the
UK and one in Nepal to set up a project to combat people
"trafficking". In 2016/17 we are working towards establishing
paediatric surgical facilities in Sierra Leone (in conjunction
with other clubs - one in Sirea Leone); contributing towards portable
liver scanner for use in Torbay (individual club project )and supporting
the Disabled Sailing Association (individual club project using locally sourced
So -- Rotary can, and does, take significant steps to improve people's
lives throughout the world, and is determined to live up to it's motto: