Bond Helicopters

Mon 10th September 2012 at 12.00 am - 2.00 am

Tonight we visited Bond Helicopters Facilities at Staverton Airport.

Following a very interesting talk in November 2011, tonight we were extremely lucky to be shown round Bond Helecopters' headquarters at Staverton.

Paul Westaway explained the diverse activities of Bond Helecopters which included; Air Ambulance, Police, Search and Rescue, Oil Rig support, Wind Farm work, and Lighthouse Authority support. Paul outlined future plans for the company and explained some of the recent maintenace problems which the company had successfully overcome.

We were shown  and entered the flight simulator which is used to train pilots from over the world.

The visit also included a tour of their maintenace facilities which as you would expect were model of tidiness and cleanliness with tool chests the envy of all amateur mechanics.

We stood in the operations room where it was standing room only for meetings. One way of keeping meetings short!