International Aid

Rotary is the largest non-government charity service in the world. With more than 2 million members available in 256 countries we can achieve a great deal. Dingwall Rotarians play their part in this humanitarian service

1    We provided the funding for our own Rotarian, Bob Baxter and his wife Jan, to manage the building process of a training centre in a small village in Malawi. We also supplied computers and other equpment to enable the local men women and youths to discover their talents and learn new skills. They will be able to use these skills to create job opportunites and provide for themselves and their families in the future. The women of the village were provided with sewing machines and learning to sew has enabled them to make and sell goods and become independent of outside help. The pictures on this page show the facility and the ladies.

2    We have purchased Shelterboxes and Aquaboxes for use in disaster stricken areas. The Shelter boxes provide a tent to house a family and tools to begin forging a new life. This Rotary charity has grown from small beginnings into a worldwide charity that has now provided emergency shelter and life changing equipment to victims in many disaster areas. People dispossessed by the 2004 Tsunami, Haiti earthquake , Pakistan and Nepal earthquakes, South America floods and many others have survived because of ShelterBox. The pictures of a shelterbox together with its contents will give you an idea of the valuable assistance it gives to disposessed families worldwide. Find out more about ShelterBox on their website.

3  The recent explosion in Beirut (2020) severely damaged a vast area of the city. The local Rotary Club in Beirut are heavily involved in many projects to help restore and revitalise the city. The clubs in Rotary District 1010 (N Scotland) have donated over £22,000 to the Beirut local club and the Dinwall Rotarians collected among themselves £600 as our contribution.

4    In a disaster area, shelter from the elements is very important but so also is the provision of clean water. Invariably, water supplies are completely disrupted and/or contaminated. Victims are forced to drink and use water from rivers and drains to survive. But these water suppiles are polluted and dangerous, with cholera and other diseases a common result. In each of our Aquaboxes there is a 2 micron filter which provides an impenetrable barrier to filter out all bacteria. They are simple to use and maitain and a standard Aquabox can supply a family of 5 with sufficient clean water for all their needs for 18 months. A community Aquabox will keep 500 people in clean water supplies for the same period.

5   Each year, Rotary arranges a 'Shoebox' project. Started by a Rotary Club in Cornwall the project has become a worldwide activity and tens of thousands of boxes are filled by Rotarians. Toys for children and youths and essential houshold and personal items for adults ensure that Christmas and Easter offers hope for the future.

6   In 2017 we supported a 'Small Businesses Project' in the village in Malawi. The money helps to finance local people to start a small business to help support themselves and their families. From the profits, the money is repaid and is used to finance more local enterprises.

These are just six of the many humanitarian projects that the Dinwall Rotarians either manage and run each year or are involved with other Clubs.

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