Santa in Witham

Photos of Santa's visits to Witham

This year Santa has done his usual stuff around Witham and here are some photos to show this.


And after it's all over, the Town Christmas Tree (below) is cut down and turned into firewood while Santa in civilian dress looks on.

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One of the many Rotarians who volunteer to immunise children across the World administering the vaccine

Rotary has a World-wide programme to eradicate polio. This work has continued despite the pandemic when the World has been thinking about a new disease.

Templars School and a dictionary page

Every Year-5 or Year-6 child at a junior school in Witham is presented with a dictionary. And Autumn 2021 was no exception despite covid-19.

I found the back runner

The Carnival Day Duck Race is run in July every year. The ducks enter the River Brain after the Carnival procession has passed along Bridge Street about 215 PM. But, of course, the race did not happen in 2020 or 2021 but we intend to be back in 2022.


For 68 years seniors living in Witham have come to a tea party given by the Rotary Club of Witham. Unfortunately we had to cancel the Party for 2020 and 2021because of the covid-19 but hope for some similar event in 2022.

The Club supported several cahrites during the last year despite the disruptions of Covid.

Here are a few logos of some charities we have recently supported and selected photos of recent presentations of typical donations.


Membership leads to fellowship - enjoyment of each others company and friendship - and service to the community