Luncheon (8 November 2017)

Wed, Nov 8th 2017 at 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Luncheon talk by James Le Page of Class Act Productions.


Our speaker this week was James Le Page from Class Act Productions, who was an invited guest of our Youth Opportunities Chairman. 

Class Act Productions are a voluntary organisation here on Guernsey who provide coaching to our young people in the performing arts. Involvement is the key principal. As James mentioned, “Absolutely everyone is given their opportunity to shine!”.

Each year a group are entered into a national competition from which they have, of late, returned to the Island with an amazing haul of awards.

Our Youth Opportunities chairman, Nathan Silk, said, “Developing and providing opportunities for our young adults is a major part of Rotary’s Youth Opportunity agenda. It was therefore a great pleasure to give James a platform to promote the excellent work that he and his colleges at Class Act are doing for the young here on the Island. Having seen the work of Class Act first hand, I cannot complement them enough - both the youngsters for the level and intensity of their engagement and the organisers who give their skills and time so generously.

More can be learned about Class Act HERE.

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