Little Wrens Wardrobe

Wadebridge Rotary Club is pleased to support this charity.

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Litle Wrens Wardrobe

Little Wrens Wardrobe is a charity established to help families in the North Cornwall area who may be struggling to meet their children's basic needs through lack of means or through emergency or crisis.  The charity has had distribution events in Bodmin where between 160-200 people attended with many travelling from Wadebridge, Camelford, Launceston and surrounding districts.

Wadebridge Rotary club supported the charity firstly by providing funds towards the payment of the rent of the storage facilities they were using in Bodmin.  They held their first event in Wadebridge on 30th September. Wadebridge Rotary club and Inner Wheel assisted by finding a venue for the event and providing volunteers to help on the day.

While the turnout from the public was disappointing, those who attended were grateful for the opportunity to take away a selection of clothes for newly born children up to the age of 5 years.  Published statistics indicate that in Wadebridge, 17.2% of all children live in income- deprived households.  While this is lower than the figure for Bodmin it still represents over 200 children.

The Charity Commission has accepted Little Wrens as a registered charity and so Wadebridge Rotary Club is pleased to be associated with their laudable efforts.

Report by Nick Rowles.    Photo: courtesy of Jane Pickles

L - R Rotarians Ceri Goodfellow, Nick Rowles & Keith Snelling