Another Quiz Success

Wadebridge Rotary Club team wins the Inner Wheel Quiz.

Rotary Quiz Winners

Congratulations to “Rotary 1” for winning the Inner Wheel quiz, held in Wadebridge Town Hall on Friday night {7th}. The event attracted 25 teams of (up to) six people and raised £730 for the Samaritans. The team, consisting of Andrew Millington, Tyrrell Sandry, Bev Lyle, Andy Lyle, Stuart Hutchison and Clare Hutchison, won by a single point and were presented with prizes of knitted Easter chicks stuffed with a Cadbury Creme Egg and a rolled up fiver.

A second Rotary team of Yvonne Robinson, Trevor Wiltshire, John Pomeroy, Dave Hutchings, John Harbinson and Kevin Smith, avoided the option of calling themselves Rotary 2, instead opting for “Circulatory” (do you see what we did there?) and came 10th=, a mere eight points behind the winners. The main difference (as foretold as far back as the prophecies of Nostradamus) was the music round, where Circulatory turned into the Grumpy Squad bemoaning the lack of Mozart and Schubert, whilst Rotary 1 scored a near-perfect 19 mainly due to Andrew Millington. Wait – this news just in: Stuart, not Andrew. (In the interests of fairness, we must mention the delight of Chief Grumpy John Harbinson at recognising an Abba song.)

We should also mention club member Nick Rowles and the 41 Club team, who were a little ahead of Circulatory.

Immense thanks to the quizmaster Robin Moorcroft, scorer Marie Moorcroft and music maestro Mike Ford for an entertaining and smooth-running quiz, and to Wadebridge Inner Wheel for organising the event and keeping us supplied with nibbles.

Report and photos by Kevin Smith