Associate Membership

Details of Associate Membership

The purpose of this classification is to give possible and prospective members an understanding of Rotary and a taste of being a member of the Rotary Club of Lewisham & Penge.

Associate Membership of Lewisham & Penge Rotary Club will be open to all adults.

Applications may be submitted at any time.

On the secretary receiving a completed application form, a seven-day notice will be issued to all club full members for approval of the application.

Should any two members object, the same procedure for rejected application for full membership will be adopted. 

Associate Membership will last for no longer than 6 months from the date of acceptance into Associate Membership

Associate Members will have all the rights, privileges and obligations of full members, however:

1.   All Officers of the Club must be full Members

2.   Associate Members will be eligible to visit any other Rotary Club by invitation of that club, or as a guest of a full member of the Rotary Club of Lewisham and Penge.

3.   Associate Members will be issued with an official name badge which they are expected to wear at meetings.  Full members only wear the Rotary pin and insignia. 

4.   Associate Members will be eligible to attend all club meetings, including business meetings, but may be asked to withdraw from meetings wishing to discuss Associate Membership, or any other confidential Rotary matters.  They are encouraged to participate in discussions at such meetings but only full members will be eligible to vote at any meeting.

5.   Associate Members will be expected to participate in club activities and be subject to the 50% attendance rule, all to the same extent that full members are expected to participate and attend.

6.  Associate Members will pay a half year club subscription, less the half year dues paid by full members to District and to R.I.B.I.  In order to keep Associate subscriptions on a par with Full Membership, Associate Membership subscription is currently £25 for 6 months. 

7. At the end of the 6 month period Associate Membership will cease.  At the discretion of the club council, these members may be offered full membership, or if that is not acceptable to the former Associate Member, he or she may be offered the option of becoming a Friend of the Lewisham & Penge Rotary Club.

8.   There will be no refund of any subscription paid should an Associate Member terminate his or her Associate Membership before the 6 month period has been completed, except should an Associate then elect to become a full member or a Friend, subscription already paid will be allocated to the subscription for full membership or Friend membership on a pro-rata basis.

9.   Associate members are liable for the cost of any meals taken or ordered at Rotary meetings.

10.  Any item not covered by the above rules will be determined by the Club Council and subject to review


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