July 2018 Our new Rotary Year

From the High Alps to High Blood Pressure

Annual Blood Pressure Checking to help save lives

The first speaker of our new Rotary Year was Tony Champion, a wonderful raconteur who entertained and enthralled us with his presentation entitled ‘Climbs of my Youth’ - stories of climbing in the Alps in the 1940’ & 50’s. With his original slides he reminisced of days in the mountains and of taking school children on adventures similar to those they would only have read about in boy’s comics of the era. All before the days of risk assessments and health & safety!

On Saturday 21st July we held our annual Stroke Awareness Day at the Market Cross, in conjunction with LAMRT & St Johns. Colin Fell, once again, did an excellent job is arranging this very important awareness day. This year we were blessed with superb weather which meant that members of the public didn’t have to remove jackets or sit around in the cold or wet while we assessed them.

In total we assessed 154 members of the public. Whilst the general level was probably healthier than in other years, 50 registered over 140, including 6 over 160 and 3 dangerously high (181, 187, 200) who were advised to seek medical advice ASAP. Once again it was a very successful and worthwhile day, with our thanks to Colin, Davina, Val and Rachel for their event and medical help.

We ended July with a talk at the Salutation from John Raw, giving us an insight into his career in the oil and gas industry. On leaving school John became an engineering apprenticeship which lead on to his very successful and lifelong industrial career around the world.  He spoke of the impact of the energy crises of the 1960’s and 70’s and the problems in the Middle East when Arab oil producers imposed an embargo. The decision to boycott America and punish the West in response to support for Israel in the war against Egypt led the price of crude to rise from $3 per barrel to $12 by 1974. Bringing us up to date with the decline in North Sea gas and the political hot potato of Fracking John covered an industry which effected and still affects all our daily lives.