Submitted to C & B News for consideration February 2019

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Once again the Currie Balerno Rotary Club thanks the local people who supported our fund-raising over the Christmas period

The sponsoring of lights on the Tree of Life, which were switched on at the Balerno Parish Church on Sunday 2 December, gave us more than £1300. We then made our traditional appearance at the Gyle in the run up to Christmas with our outside collection, complete with animal costumes and Santa’s fire engine, and our gift wrapping service inside the Gyle. We received £6800 in donations at the Gyle, giving us a little over £8000 in total.

We are grateful for these donations which enable us to provide support both internationally and within our own community – notably to the Community Chest which we fund together with Balerno Village Trust and CALA Homes.

If you want to know more about our Club go to our website at  We welcome new members with the assurance that wearing an animal costume at Christmas is not obligatory.