Rainwater Tank in Tanzania

We worked with the Nasio Trust to install water tanks in Tanzania, to provide safe drinking water. Ground water in the region is heavily fluoridised and causes health problems for the population.

Fighting fluorosis in Arusha region (Tanzania)

Oldonyo-sambu, with a population of 3,256 according to a 2002 census1

(around 10,000 in 2018

according to the authorities), is probably the region in Tanzania most affected by fluorosis.

The fluorine content of drinking water in the Oldonyo Sambu region is about 12 times more than the WHO recommended level. This leads to skeletal fluorosis, a very debilitating bone condition.

The Abingdon Rotary Club and Rotary international provided funding for the installation of additional water tanks. In December 2018 the Nasio Trust project managed the installation of three water tanks, guttering and all pipework at strategically placed locations within the community. This enables families in proximity to the tanks to share the supply of safe water.

This will ensure that children have access to clean safe, drinking water so reducing exposure to unsafe water. A reserve of approximately £230 was retained to ensure the tanks are properly maintained and function effectively for years to come working with the community.

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