Wed, Mar 4th 2020 at 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Speakers: Tina Richardson & Tina Hawke.
Subject: Wessex Heartbeat.

Wessex Heartbeat support families and individuals, mainly by offering a place at Heartbeat House for families who need somewhere to stay at such a difficult time, when their loved ones need cardiac operations and care.

Residents can also share their stories with each other, so they do not feel alone, and support at this time is crucial. They have a large number of Channel Island families who stay regularly with them. Situated on the corner of Tremona Road and Dale Road, Heartbeat House is only a 'few minutes’ walk and directly opposite the Southampton General Hospital, this alleviates the pressure for the family whose loved ones are in the care of the cardiac unit. 

The combination of excellent clinical teams and significant investment in the Wessex Cardiac Centre has turned it into one of the foremost Cardiac Centre’s in the UK and internationally.  The Centre looks after over 3 million people from babies to the elderly, covering the Wessex region, including the Channel Islands. 

Wessex Heartbeat are currently funding £120k for the development of a 3-D ‘Heart’ Modelling for the Wessex Heartbeat Cardiac Centre, Southampton General Hospital. This will allow them to use the scans of a baby’s heart to create a perfect individual model, making problems easier to diagnose in the first place, so that surgeons can operate more easily and minimise the number of operations that they have to perform.

Just like fingerprints, no two heart defects are the same and consequently, no two treatments or surgeries for children with heart defects will be exactly the same. Many children born with heart defects may need a number of operations to correct the defects, having the ability to ‘print’ the heart in 3-D allows the surgeons to plan the operations to avoid unexpected findings and therefore minimise the number of operations.   Wessex Heartbeat are hugely proud to be able to make the 3-D 'Heat' modelling possible.

To learn more about Wessex Heartbeat please click HERE.

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