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Matlock Rotary are supporting the Global End Polio Now Campaign

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Matlock Rotary Club commemorates World Polio Day 28th October 2020
Africa now declared Free of Polio

To mark Rotary International’s 2020 historic achievement in helping polio eradication: Africa being declared free of the wild poliovirus

Members of Matlock Rotary Club planted 4,000 purple crocus bulbs in front of McDonald’s restaurant on the A6 in Matlock and in Whitworth Park to raise awareness for the Rotary End Polio Now humanitarian goal to rid the world of the disease that continues to paralyse and kill children. The worldwide vaccination campaign has already eradicated Polio in most countries, but must be continued until 100% complete to avoid a resurgencance.

It is hoped that the purple display in late February will remind people of the worldwide efforts of Rotary Clubs in the eradication of Polio. Purple was chosen as this is the colour marked on a vaccinated child’s little finger to ensure they do not get a double dose of the medicine. A similar number of crocus bulbs were planted last year too, resulting in a pleasing display of verge side colour at both sites.

Since 1988, there has been a worldwide reduction in polio cases of 99.9%. For more than three years now we've seen wild polio cases in only two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Matlock Rotary Club gratefully acknowledge the kind donations of the people of Matlock and District in supporting this and their other Rotary charities.

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Crocus bulbs growing outside McDonalds on the A6 in Matlock

Planting the bank in the Witworth Park Darley Dale

Crocus in bloom at the Whitworth Park Darley Dale

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