Young Artist Competition 2020

Part of the Youth Development Programme across Southern Scotland.

This competition is designed to support and encourage the development of fine art skills in Young People.

It is suggested that art teachers introduce the competition to their pupils in January 2020 and make this a project to produce a piece of art work for submission to the Schools competition in Aril, May or June. The winners are then invited to submit their art work to the district competition in September.
This competition aims to encourage young people to:
•    Experiment with creativity within fine art
•    Use traditional or contemporary methods of fine art
•    Show interpretation of their chosen topic
•    Express their ideas through the medium of fine art
There are 4 age groups: Junior  Primary School pupils,  Intermediate  High School Pupils S1, S2 and S3, Senior  High School Pupils S4, S5 and S6
Every year there is a theme. For 2020 it is “WARMTH”. 
Entrants are to produce a piece of 2D artwork on the above theme.
Maximum sizes of pieces of work per age group are as follows:

Junior          Primary School        A4 size Maximum
Intermediate     S1, S2 and S3         A4 to A3 Maximum
Senior        S4, S5 and S6          A4 to A3 Maximum

An entry form, full details and rules can be found in an Information Pack, which can be downloaded here Young_Artist_Information_Pack_2020-2021.docx

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