Inner Wheel 73rd Charter Lunch (02022020*)

Held at the Hotel de Havelet

On Sunday 2nd February members of Inner Wheel, their guests and honoured guests enjoyed the 73rd Charter Lunch at the Hotel de Havelet.

We were fortunate to have Jane Ingram, Chairman of District 11 present and Val Nibbs, President of The Inner Wheel Club of Jersey. They were joined by Michael Morris, President of Rotary Guernesiaise, John Moses, President Nominee of Rotary Club of Guernsey and Rod Godsbrough, President of Friends of Rotary.

It was a great privilege to have so many past presidents of Inner Wheel attending the lunch and President Jocelyn thanked them for the wealth of knowledge that they had handed down to newer Presidents and members.

President Jocelyn stressed that the strength and success of the Club relies on the proactive approach of members to service and the way in which everyone did their bit to help, whilst having some fun along the way. 

No-one can predict what the next 73 years holds for the Club, but President Jocelyn feels confident that members will rise to the challenges that the future holds.

It was an excellent lunch and a good time seemed to be had by all there.

*International Palindrome Day 2nd February 2020

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