Vicky's South Downs at Night Challenge Walk

Vicky's South Downs at Night Challenge Walk.
Sat 13 Mar - Sun 14 Mar 2021


During the weekend of 13~14th  March 2021 Vicky has set herself the task of  raising £1,000 to support Rotary Haywards Heath by entering the South Downs at Night Challenge Walk.


With the money raised,  in turn we will support the Haywards Heath Mayor's charity Grove Garden as well as  other local Charities.

At Rotary we help to support our community with both time and fund-raising.

Covid 19 has meant many of our vital fund-raising projects have been cancelled so I am taking on this challenge to ensure that we have vital funds to support our community, especially as Christmas approaches.

Grove Garden is a 'secret garden' gifted to older residents of Haywards Heath.

The Mayor would like to help create some momentum for the project of renovating this garden so that it can bring some more outside space for people to use locally and to provide a fabulous asset for the community.

If you would like to support Vicky by making a donation towards this event please visit the Just Giving Link below.


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Could this be a time to consider joining up with Rotary to help your local community?


Vicky's South Downs at Night Challenge Walk. Sat 13 Mar - Sun 14 Mar 2021


Our local food banks are seeing unprecedented demand during Covid19

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Hayward Heath Rotary, Friends, and Rotary District collected funds to allow schools to purchase iPads


We would like to thank all those who generously supported our Christmas Appeal Letter and our street collection in the Orchards.


Some feedback from Kura Kura Surf Camp about how our donation is being used.


​We wish to thank the Burnside team for both, the courtesy extended to us during our visit and also for their personal time.

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