Donation to support children in Zambia during Covid Pandemic

The Rotary Club of Stourbridge, supported by a Rotary District grant has provided funding to help feed children in vulnerable families in Zambia through Stourbridge -based charity Umunandi.

Children receiving food parcels in Lusaka

Due to the generous donation of the Rotary Club, Felix Sinkala, on behalf on Umunandi, was able to deliver food packages to almost 100 of the most vulnerable children and families during the COVID pandemic.  These packages included nshima (the staple food in Zambia), cooking oil, sugar, salt and also washing powder. 

Felix reported  that many of the families he delivered food to had no food in their dwelling when Felix went to see them.   The school also cooked food on the premises to give out during the school day to children who are also experiencing food vulnerability due to the pandemic. 

The government has banned roadside vendors which forms most of the economy of the area surrounding the school. This ban - which is enforced sporadically but with severe punishments metered out - has affected most, if not all, our most vulnerable families. So this grant from the Rotary and your flexibility to allow us to respond to the current crisis was a vital resource.