Christmas End Polio Now Challenge 2022

Have Fun while supporting this great End Polio Now cause by entering our Christmas Fun Quiz. Donate £20 for each Quiz sheet you want. Help rid the world of Polio.

Rotarians at work immunizing children against Polio

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It's Fun

Have Fun while supporting Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign by entering our Christmas Fun Quiz.  Donate £20 (or more if you feel like supporting with a larger donation) and we’ll email you a copy of the quiz for every £20.  For the same cost as last year, you get 22% more questions - 100 questions in 9 sections vs. 2021's 82 questions in 8 sections.

Challenge your friends and family - who can get the highest score? Or, even better, get them to make their own donation and receive their own copy of the quiz. 

There are NO PRIZES - this is just for your fun and to raise funds for End Polio Now.  Answers will be published just before Christmas and emailed to all participants so you can check how well you did, and enjoy Christmas with the satisfaction not only that you have challenged your knowledge and intellect, but you've made a valuable donation to Rotary's End Polio Now Campaign to rid the world of Polio!

Every donation of £20 is invaluable, funding vaccines for up to 160 children against Polio, and if we can claim Gift Aid on your donation this becomes £25, funding vaccines for up to 200 children.

Help the world eliminate Polio.

Everyone has a right to avoid the curse of Polio.  Help make it come true!

Rotary started the fight against Polio in the Philippines in 1987 when there were over 350,000 cases of Polio a year. In 2022 there have only been twenty-nine (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mozambique) Wild Polio cases. We are so near to ending this disease in the world. Donations from this challenge will help fund Rotary's End Polio Now campaign and bring the elimination of Polio closer by helping pay for vaccinations in the last three countries of the world where Polio remains active 'in the wild'. UNICEF states each vaccination dose costs between US 12c to 19c. Help eliminate Polio AND avoid pre-Christmas boredom.

This could be only the second disease that mankind has eliminated (the first was Smallpox, eradicated in 1977).

Every donation is tripled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Every penny goes to End Polio Now.


How can you help?  Get us a Bonus!

Donations on any day are welcome, but donations made via the GlobalGiving website on November 29 generate a bonus! 

Instructions on how to donate via GlobalGiving on November 29 are available on the "End Polio Now Instructions page" accessible HERE

The donation website and more information on the project is available at:

If you can, make your donation via GlobalGiving on this special BONUS DAY – November 29

All donations made on  November 29, 2022 are eligible for a share of a “prize” fund of $1,200,000 which it allocates to fundraisers according to the donations they receive that day, so please donate on November 29 if you can.  If this year’s bonus is the same as last year at over 30%, your £20 will be worth over £26 (or £32 with Gift Aid).

And another Bonus!

Rotary’s End Polio partners, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will treble your donation (including the Gift Aid and any GlobalGiving bonus), so if you can add Gift Aid, your £20 donation could be worth £93 to End Polio Now – funding vaccines for over 700 children.

The project should have a good chance of winning a significant bonus if we can have your help by donating via the GlobalGiving crowd funding website on November 29 - not the days before, and not the days after. 

Please help us and make a donation of at least £20 on November 29.

The simplest and easiest way to make a donation of a specified amount is by just clicking or pressing one of the buttons below and you will be taken to a GlobalGiving donation page where you can register your details and make your payment.  PLEASE DONATE ON November 29 to enable us to win as much of the $1.2 mils. Bonus as possible.

Don't forget to provide your email address on the Global Giving website when donating so we can email you the Quiz sheets!.

Or Make a Round Number Donation:

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Every Year-5 or Year-6 child at a junior school in Witham is presented with a dictionary. And Autumn 2021 was no exception despite covid-19.

I found the back runner

The Carnival Day Duck Race is run in July every year. The ducks enter the River Brain after the Carnival procession has passed along Bridge Street about 215 PM. But, of course, the race did not happen in 2020 or 2021 but we intend to be back in 2022.


For 68 years seniors living in Witham have come to a tea party given by the Rotary Club of Witham. Unfortunately we had to cancel the Party for 2020 and 2021because of the covid-19 but hope for some similar event in 2022.

The Club supported several cahrites during the last year despite the disruptions of Covid.

Here are a few logos of some charities we have recently supported and selected photos of recent presentations of typical donations.

One of the many Rotarians who volunteer to immunise children across the World administering the vaccine

Rotary has a World-wide programme to eradicate polio. This work has continued despite the pandemic when the World has been thinking about a new disease.


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