Youth Service

Youth Service Committee


Members:  John Yule (Chair), Jasmine Tripodi (Youth Lead), Sylvia Abblitt, Gina Randall, Simon Marsland, Robert Stacy, David England, John Charlton, and Jenny Stratton.


I thank those members of last year’s committee who have stayed on for another year, and welcome our new members.  I am looking forward to a busy year of supporting our local community and schools.


We have some major events and regular donations that we support each year.  We will continue this support for:


·       Ramsey and Benwick in Bloom.  We have budgeted £200 for each of these projects

·       St Thomas a Becket Flower Festival£150 has been set aside to support the festival

·       British Legion Wreath£75 has been budgeted for the wreath to be laid by the club President

·       Sailability. We will continue our usual support of £200.

·       KidsOut£1500 has been requested to support sending disadvantaged and special needs children to Wicksteed Park for a fun day out.

·       Calvert Trust.  We will continue our support of this Outward Bound type program for an adult with disabilities with a £1300 budget item


New Community programs we have committed to support include:


·       Dreamdrops, to set up a quiet room for children suffering from autism or anxiety in local schools.  £250 has been budgeted.

·       KidsOut Toyboxes.  This KidsOut run program provides boxes of toys for children in refuges who are unable to play normally with other kids.  We have budgeted £100 for four toyboxes.


In addition to these pre-planned donations, we expect to bring a range of other requests for support to the membership during the course of the year.  Based on historical data, this could be up to £5000.


Our Youth Team has an ambitious program lined up for the year, with a range of annual programs to support and some new ideas.


·       RYLA and Young RYLA will be funded again this year with budget requests of £800 each.

·       Rotary Youth Competitions will be pushed hard this year, and £500 has been set aside to pay for gift vouchers

·       Coats4Kids.  This has proved very successful and £250 has been designated to buy winter coats for ten disadvantaged children.

·       BOSH, a local program aimed at our younger school children will be supported up to £400, and Crunch, a similar program aimed at older children will likewise receive £400.

·       Friends of Stay and Play will receive a £200 donation

·       Rotary Stars.  This popular program will continue, and £200 has been budgeted for gift vouchers and certificates.

·       The Life Education Bus will be visiting in 2024, and the club has already approved full funding of £2032, a roll over from the 2022/23 budget.

·       Support of local Scouting groups.  As Scouts resume activities after the COVID lockdowns, it is expected that they may need support, and £200 has been budgeted for this purpose.


Like the main Com/Voc committee, the Youth Team anticipated unplanned requests for donations, and historical data indicates this could be in the £2000 range.


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