Young Photographer of The Year 2022

We invite keen young photographers to explore the subject 'Water'. Entry is free and the competition closes 31st August 2022


Haddenham Rotary Young Photographer of The Year 2022


The Subject is 'WATER'

Water everywhere and in many forms with many effects

A drip, a drop, a flow, a puddle, a fountain, waterfall, stream, river, lake or sea

Ripples and Waves. Steam, mist, cloud. Wet, damp, hot and cold

Distortion, reflection, corrosion, erosion. Colours, mixtures and layers

Endless possibilities to imagine and try


Same subject for all age groups and prizes are awarded in each age group

Age 6 to 10*, Age 11 to 14* and Age 15 to 18*

* This will be your age on 31 August 2022

Professional photographer Paul Wilkinson will again lead the judging panel and present the prizes 


To read the Rules of the Competition and submit a photograph

Click the image below:

You may submit your photograph at any time up to midnight on 31st August 2022

An On-Line Entry Form will open in a separate window

IMPORTANT: don't forget to enter details of your responsible adult if you are under age 18 years

Don't forget to send us written permission for the photograph to be entered in our competition, from each person under age 18 years depicted in your competition photograph

To send written permission, just take a photo of the signed written permission for each person under age 18 years and drag and drop each photo into the drop box on the Entry Form

Drag and drop your competition entry photograph into the same drop box

Next click in the tick box to confirm you have read, give consent and have complied with all the Rules and Conditions of Entry

Press the red 'Submit Your Image' button to send us your entry


Thank you for participating in our competition


Any questions or enquiries, please contact us HERE




When creating their image, a photographer can often have full control over lighting, and good lighting that cleverly illuminates a good composition is the difference between a good photograph
and a GREAT photograph

Composition reflects the creativity and style of the photographers themselves

We encourage creative interpretation of the subject but note, we are interested in photographic technique not just post processing prowess

Maybe searching on-line for ‘Water & Photographs’
will give you some more ideas, techniques, and guidance to achieve that winning entry


To download Details and Rules of the Competition:


To download the 2022 Poster, Click here:



Photographic competitions are essentially an individual activity, but we remind all photographers to follow published and parental guidance about protecting yourselves from Coronavirus and staying safe while seeking out that winning photograph


Young Photographer Competition Results


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We invite keen young photographers to explore the subject 'Water'. Entry is free and the competition closes 31st August 2022


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