Young Photographer Competition

Our annual open competition is well supported by our local community and the deadline for entries is usually announced at springtime

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Haddenham Rotary Young Photographer Competition


We invite keen young photographers to join
our exciting and increasingly popular annual competition 

Entries are accepted in Three Age Groups:

Juniors Age 7 to 10*

Intermediate Age 11 to 14*

Seniors Age 15 to 18*

* This will be your age on 31 August  

We encourage creative interpretation of the subject but note,
we are interested in photographic technique not post processing prowess

We expect to announce the date for our next competition during spring next year



Photographic competitions are essentially an individual activity, but we remind all photographers to follow published and parental guidance about protecting yourselves from Coronavirus and staying safe while seeking out that winning photograph 

While Covid grips the nation, we will receive entries on-line and use a webinar session to announce and present our prize winning entries. This worked very well for our 2020 competition


The 2020 Competition

Rules of the 2020 Competition, Click here:


Poster for the 2020 Competition, Click here:


Winning photographs from this year's competition
and from our previous competitions
are shown in the following 'Related Pages' section



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