Club Theatre Outing

Members and guests enjoy Cabaret at the New Wimbledon Theatre
on Thursday 28 September 2017

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A group of Rotarians with their family and friends attended a production of 'Cabaret' at the New Wimbledon Theatre. 

Starring Will Young (Emcee) and Louise Redknapp (Sally Bowles) the story was set in Berlin in the inter-war years when moral parameters were considered redundant and all censorship was abolished in an age of permissiveness. It was into that culture that Adolf Hitler, when he became chancellor, closed down Berlin's cabarets and clamped down on every aspect of the city's decadent lifestyle. The production showed the Berlin culture and the rise of Hitler and his effect on the city well. 

A thoroughly and thought provoking evening enjoyed by all in the Croydon Rotary Club party.

Our thanks go to member Bernard Adams for organising this trip.