Over 140 Rotarians from six European countries travelled to join ile de Re club of France for the weekend.

During June 2019, some members, partners and friends of the Rotary Club of Croydon enjoyed a weekend of fun and fellowship in partnership with 140 Rotarians from six other clubs across different European countries, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and France, together known as the Rotary Eurostar group. Based in La Rochelle, the ile de Re club of France had recently joined the group and hosted this year's event.

The main purpose was to raise funds, which this year totalled 40,000 euros for the ile de Re club’s charity project to provide trucks to assist the work of The Association Verdiniere that exists to develop and promote projects for social, educational, cultural, artistic and nature protection in the local area.

Since the inception of this Rotary Eurostar group, some 25 years ago, over 700,000 euros have been raised to support charity projects in each country.

The photos show the Eurostar Rotarians together with the trucks and at the dinner at the end of the weekend, when Croydon Rotary Club President, Loraine Davis, exchanged club pennants with Jean Riviere, President of ile de Re Rotary Club.


The Croydon Advertiser included an article on its Community News page on 12 July 2019 of the club's visit to France and its relationship with other clubs in the Eurostar grouping which had previously been posted on the Rotary Club of Croydon Facebook page. It shows the continuing friendship between the 7 clubs in the Eurostar organisation and the impact all the clubs have in their own communities by being part of the grouping.

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