List of work we have done recently

Some of the Projects and Events

Some of the work we do and have done recently is listed below:-


Supporting and doing projects with (for example)

RDA                                                         Age Concern

PHAB   Activity Holiday                        Xmas day meal for the elderly alone in Epsom

Sunnybank Trust                                   Scouts

Rainbow Trust                                        AMECA in Malawi (medical charity)

Shelter Box                                             The Grange at Bookham and Epsom

Diamond Riding Centre                         Young Carers

The Children’s Trust Tadworth             Supporting Round Borough Bike Race

Nescott (polytunnel)                              Sponsoring young people’s worthwhile causes 

Veterans group Coffee, Archery and Modelmaking

We marshal the Remembrance March in November and “Race for Life” on Epsom Downs

Rotary organises and runs competitions for the Young

Youth Speaks                                       Young Chef,

Young Musician                                   French Speaking

Young Photographer

We support and Sponsor

NESCOT Higher Education award (Raj Amodia award)

Epsom and Ewell Employment Fair                  Surrey Youth Games

Epsom and Ewell Borough Sports awards      Student in India Education


Local Schools Hardship Funds (Blenheim, Rosebery)  

We carry out fund raising for good causes and charities 

Christmas street and static locations               Epsom and Ewell Showcase


Food Bank  and The Pantry                             Collections for international disasters

Total Epsom funds raised 2017/18 were £17,000 of which around £11,000 were distributed locally.  

Social activities – fellowship and fun!

Theatre trips                                       French Rotary club in Chantilly

Visits to other Rotary Clubs                Quiz nights

Race nights                                         Day trips out

Wine tasting                                        BBQ’s/Outdoor meals in summer

Murder Mysteries                               Inter Rotary Club Sports and Snooker and Darts

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We have evening and lunchtime meetings to cater for all our members differing requirements. At present we are also using Zoom to extend our meetings to those living a distance away from Epsom or who are unable to attend in person.


Some of the Projects and Events


A compendium of the "Thank You" letters we have received following our support.