Projects in Area 8

Here is a list of current projects which Rotarian's may like to get involved in throughout Area 10

Area 8

Ashtead, Banstead, Bookham and Horsley, Dorking, Epsom, Ewell, Leatherhead

When we get new members it is sometimes difficult for them to "get their teeth into something" .

I created this list of local projects to help new members see what is possible and either start something in their club, or join with another club specifically on that one project.  The aim is to get new members quickly involved in things Rotary, rather than just attending meetings until the local club has something to offer.  

This may be of value, or not.  I though it was worth a try

Clive Richardson, Epsom Rotary


Epsom Rotary

Community allotment in conjunction with Ewell Rotary,  The aim is to have a allotment where veterans and others can work together.  Any vegetables raised will go for charitable purposes.  A small team of 4 Epsom Rotarians and 4 Ewell Rotarians work on this. We hope to bring in service veterans and maybe people with mental health issues to work and any vegetable grown will go to Foodbank or other local charities.

Gardening work at Old Moat Garden Centre Walled Garden.  Old Moat is a charity to help with mental health.  Join the team to mow the grass, keep the gardens spick and span so the area can be used for events to help raise funds. A group of about 10 people including “Friends of Epsom Rotary” work on this.

Young Photographer Competition Runs annually to support youth activities in the area.  Help set up, run, publicise and maybe judge the competition.  This year done in conjunction with Scouts and Guides and a calendar produced from their efforts. 

French Speaking Competition  Help set up, run and publicise an annual competition to allow young children to speak the French language in public and be judged. Blenheim Rosebery and Epsom College usually get involved

Young Musician Competition  Help set up, run and publicise an annual competition to allow young children to play or sing to an audience and be judged.  Rosebery and Epsom College have been constant participants.

Youth Speaks (with Banstead and Cheam &Sutton) allows school children to practice their public speaking skills.  Need people to help plan and run the event.  Cancelled in Epsom this year as no Epsom School was interested.

Support for Veterans  In conjunction with Epsom & Ewell Royal British Legion help run activities in a local church hall for service veterans at Veterans Hub at Army Reserve Centre in Ewell the first Tuesday of the month.  This involves other projects such as documenting veteran’s stories, model making, lectures, archery etc. 

Kid’s Out. Every year at Christmas we take local Young Carers to the Pantomime and give them an evening meal.  Help us arrange and supervise the event.  Usually around 20 children are involved and two Rotarian helpers.

Christmas Collections Every year for 7 nights we walk round the streets of Epsom playing Carols and having our own Father Christmas hand out presents (sweets) to the young children.  We raise around £5,000 for local charities in a non-Covid year.

Carol singing in the Ashley Centre at Christmas  We organise local schools to come along and sing in the Ashley Centre to raise money for charity.

Epsom and Ewell Showcase.  Putting on a charity event at Epsom Playhouse to make around £3000 for local charities.  In 2021 we did this using Youtube with a virtual audience, but this year we are doing it live!

Quiz Nights -  Murder Mystery Nights – Wine Tastings – organised by Rotarians and tickets sold to generate money for charity.  We try to arrange a number of social events which sometimes includes a ball or dance.

Epsom and Ewell Fun-Day/Community Fayre.  This was held annually for seven years until COVID.  We will probably not do it this year either.  We planned and managed the whole event (with Ewell Rotary) which, at its peak had 5,000 visitors. We would like to recommence next year.

Marshalling major events.  Events such as Race for Life, Round Borough Cycle Rode, Round Borough Walk, Remembrance Sunday call on Rotarians to support them.

International.  We have a Rotarian, Ruthie Markus who is the COO of AMECA and she is providing Medical help in Malawi.  She has built two hospitals, a wing in an existing hospital and hosts students and consultants in Malawi to further their training.  We are looking for ways to use this project to encourage new young members to Rotary.

Ashtead Rotary

Rotary Ashtead Village Day traditionally scheduled for the second Saturday in June each year helping with programme sales etc. or being a steward on the day. Preparations start in February.

Party in the Park is a Picnic event in September which needs organising and supervising.

Senior Citizens Christmas Party. Drivers are required to pick up and drop off our guests on the day. Held late November or beginning of December.

Senior Citizens Film Show . Drivers are required to pick up and drop off our guests on the day. The event takes place in February each year.

Christmas Collections are held on three Saturdays before Christmas. Collectors are required for 1 hourly shift or 2 hourly shifts.

Ashtead Traders Evening is held on the 2nd Tuesday in December. Presence at the Rotary stall is required to talk to the public and operate the Rotary wheel.

RYLA. Suitable candidates for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards need to be identified, e.g. by contacting schools or local youth clubs.


D4L. Liaising with local schools to obtain list of students and organise distribution accordingly.

Kid’s Out. Suitable participants for a day out at Chessington World of Adventures need to be identified, e.g. by contacting local schools.

Litter Pick. We are organising litter picks once or twice a year in Ashtead.

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Here is a list of current projects which Rotarian's may like to get involved in throughout Area 10


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