Ukraine conflict

What our Club is doing and Rotary's International response

Scout Groups and Districts from around Buckinghamshire donated items which we sorted into boxes containing such useful things as nappies, masks, rubber gloves, tissues, wipes, plaster, bandages, dressings, torches ( and batteries), antiseptic creams, personal hygiene items - a total volume of nearly 10 Cubic Metres.  These were transported to Banbury, a hub for gathering boxes for despatch.

Hundreds of boxes of clothes, toiletries, footwear, medical supplies, toys etc. are coming from many parts of the country as other depots pass their stock to Banbury, probably the largest such operation.  A 16 ton lorry went out mid-April and another is scheduled before the end of the month destined for villages in Poland that are hosting refugees. The transport, documentation and fuel is provided free by one company and at a modest cost by another.  It will then move into Ukraine to deliver supplies to the army.

A special consignment is also being put together for 90 orphans, many disabled, who are being cared for in a small Polish village.

So pleased our Club was able to get involved and help out.

The Rotary Foundation created an official channel for Rotary members and other donors around the world to contribute funds to support to support locally-led relief efforts underway by Rotary clubs in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. The Foundation has designated its Disaster Response Fund as the main avenue for this and, to date, has received more than $7.3 million in contributions.  Our Club has donated £1,000 to this fund and a street collection in Marlow raised about £5,000.

Rotary clubs in Europe and around the world, including our 1,100 members in Ukraine, have stepped up their relief work with some on the ground helping those displaced by the war.

In western Ukraine, Rotary members in Lviv are working with local authorities and major hospitals to provide urgent medical supplies and equipment.  In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Rotary clubs have partnered with a railway company to offer transport to refugees and deliver essential items.  In France and Germany, Rotary members set up a central fund and working group to coordinate aid for Ukraine and border countries.  Rotary clubs in Poland have taken swift action to provide food, water, medical equipment, transport and shelter for Ukrainian refugees.

Rotary clubs are also coordinating with partners to explore effective solutions to the increasing humanitarian needs. Rotary’s disaster response partner ShelterBox is collaborating with Rotary members in Eastern Europe to provide essential supplies and access to temporary housing for those who have left Ukraine along with medical and shelter supplies for communities in Ukraine.  Items include mattresses for people living in schools and sports centres, shelter kits with tools and rope, hygiene kits, winter jackets, solar lights, and water carriers to help people survive as they are forced to live in damaged buildings. 

Some examples ...

Clubs in Poland are using a $50,000 disaster response grant to provide transportation, accommodations, food, and medical assistance for refugees who crossed the border from Ukraine.

In the Czech Republic Rotary is purchasing $50,000 worth of sleeping bags, medicine, food, and defibrillators, EKGs, and oxygen concentrators for victims. 

A national task force has been created in Germany to coordinate member initiatives and relief efforts on an online platform.  A liaison office for government agencies and non-governmental organisations has been established in Berlin.

Throughout France clubs have mobilised to collect and distribute necessities to refugees.  Donations from French clubs are helping Rotary clubs in Ukraine as well as assisting refugees travelling through Poland and Romania or taking refuge in those countries. The needs are determined by the France-Ukraine, France-Poland, and France-Romania-Moldova inter-country committees.

Rotary in Austria is using a $25,000 disaster response grant to provide accommodation, baby supplies, medicine, hygiene materials, psychological care, food and appliances to Ukrainian refugees in Austria.  Members of the Rotaract Club of Klagenfurt-Wörthersee collect medical supplies, food, sleeping bags and generators for transport to the Polish-Ukrainian border to assist people displaced by the conflict in Ukraine.

The European Rotaract Information Centre ...

This multi-district information organisation that serves Rotaractors all over Europe has created a 'United for Peace' web site that compiles information for refugees and volunteers.  The site offers information about free rail, bus, and air transportation available to refugees and lists details about what’s needed and how to help at specific national borders.  It also has fundraising details for hospitals in the western Ukraine city of Lviv, as well as for clubs that are helping in various places and for other organisations in the region.

The site lets Rotaractors coordinate shelter for refugees stranded at the border.  Volunteer hosts can sign up through an online form and specify how many people they can house and for how long.  Begun as an initiative to help fellow Rotary members leaving Ukraine, it’s now being used by Rotaract and Rotary members all over Europe to offer help.  A tool on the site links a demand for goods with available supplies. It was created within 48 hours after a team of 60 members from 10 countries met by videoconference about how to meet the most urgent needs.

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What our Club is doing and Rotary's International response


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