Club members assist in the establishment of a garden at Oswestry Education Centre.

Club members assist in the establishment of a garden at Oswestry Education Centre.


The Club provides helpers for the annual Disabled Games, held at Chester each September.We take responsibility for the tennis activity and members are always impressed by how participants respond to a new challenge and the chance to acquire a new skill.


The Club is happy to receive requests for assistance, particularly from groups and individuals in the local community.  Requests are often for financial assistance and each is scrutinised to determine its suitability for support.  A recommendation is then made to a meeting of Club members.   In addition to the suitability of a particular project, members must take account of the availability of suitable funds at any particular time.

In recent months, the Club has been able to support Oswestry and Shrewsbury Crucial Crew,  Marches School Interact Club, Friends of the Victoria Centre, Oswestry Youth Cafe, Derwen College, Hope House Childrens Hospice, Disabled Swimming Club, Library Homework Club and many, many more.

Practical support is also given to the Oswestry and Shrewsbury Crucial Crew by members acting as instructors, marshalls and chaperones.   Approximately 1500 young people, in their final year at primary school, spend a day at the event at Nescliffe Training Camp, where they attend scenarios designed to equip them with the life-skills for the future.  The event takes place over two weeks in June/July each year.



Old Oswestry Iron Age Hill Fort - early in 2005, a meeting was held with English Heritage to explore possible ways in which Rotary could contribute to the development of this site of international importance. A tour of the site revealed not only the magnificence of the edifice but also the lack of TLC!

The initiativehas paid off, in that both English Heritage and the local authority have been persuaded to make funds available for the maintenance and development of the site. Unfortunately progress has been painfully slow and the challenge for the Club is to keep the momentum going, both by providing a practical input on the ground and by raising public awareness of this unique local asset of national importance. However much has been achieved:English Heritage have provided new signage and kissing gates;the Club has committed funds for a new entrance gate; the Borough Council are preparing plans for improved parking;the Club has been instrumental in providing an interpretive leaflet for use in the Tourist Information Centres.

The Club undertakes numerous activities from time to time with primary schoolchildren.  Amongst these is the Shoebox Scheme where pupils fill shoeboxes with practical items and gifts for forwarding to less fotrunate young people in eastern europe.

Recently, the Club has agreed to support Community First Responders by funding the purchase of emergency kits for new volunteers in Oswestry and Dudleston.

Every June, the Club provides a secondhand bookstall at the Derwen College Fete and a bottle tombola at the Summer Fete organised by the League of Friends of the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Gobowen.

The Community Service Committee is always happy to consider requests for financial assistance or practical help from individuals and good causes within the local community.