This gives access to our in-house newsletter for the past few years.

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This is where, if you're not already in Rotary, you can learn more about us and can also download a Rotary membership brochure

Guildhall Street Northampton

Welcome to Rotary Nene Valley


An annual challenge for the would-be Lewis Hamiltons, or indeed the Louise Hamiltons too.


To quickly see What's On in the next few weeks see the homepage. For a printable list for this year, in PDF format, see below.


This is our community 'doing' team

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This country, formerly known as Swaziland, is one of the principal focusses of our work overseas.

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The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is Rotary's own charity and, amongst other things, campaigns and raises funds for the eradication of polio from the world.

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Friends of Rotary (or specifically of Nene Valley) are people who want to associate themselves with our aims and objectives but are not full members themselves. They support us by assisting with our charitable work or with fund-raising activities.


As well as our local commitments we also raise funds for projects overseas.

Newspaper bundle

This gives access to our in-house newsletter for the past few years.


The Trust Fund is where all our charitable funds are vested

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If you are joining us at one of our meetings this is what you need to know


Rotary walks

Rotary wheel

This is the committee that addresses the 'wants' (and 'needs') of young people. As well as identifying and supporting candidates at RYLA and Calvert Trust we also lead the club's flagship project, the annual Technology Tournament - q.v.