Speaker Roger Percival - RIBI Ambassador for House Building in Pakistan

Wed 29th May 2013

Visitors Host Atif, Grace & Banners - Barry Smith, Cash Desk - Peter Meredith. ----------- As our speaker finder (Atif) was on leave of absence John Barrow arranged for PDG Roger Percival to tell us about houses being built in Pakistan.

Roger explained that he met PDG Shezhad Ahmed (Pakistan & Afghanistan) while on his District Governor (DG) training course in San Diego. Shezhad was the person who visited D 1040 (and our Drugs Initiative project) in May 2011, and he has been very active in the Flood-Affected areas of Pakistan, 30 Houses have been built to date (as fully described below and with the Pictures above). Roger explained that 6 month into his term as DG he visited Shezhad along with then DG Amanda Watkin of District 1260. Whilst there they visited 15 clubs in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. One of these was the RC of Rawalpindi who were keen to take Roger to see the work they were doing in the flood ravaged areas. This was not possible due to time constraints so instead they arranged a meal and a film show at midnight on the day before Roger and Amanda were due to fly home at 4:00am!

On returning to the UK then Rotary GB&I President Jim Moulson mentioned to Roger that there was