Mtandamula school in Malawi

The committee has a very active role to play in the general activities of the Club. Cupar is home to the Scottish Rural University College, Elmwood. During the academic year an average of forty international students reside in the town. The Club in conjunction with the College, Cupar Churches and the community, welcome these students and try to introduce them to the sights, sounds and culture of Scotland. Bonfire night, ceilidhs, carol singing, games nights and many other activities are organised for these students.

The Rotary Club take a proactive part in the raising of money for very worthy causes throughout the World. Shelter Box and Marys Meals are two of the most recent big money raising activities. While raising money ourselves we try to involve schools and other organisations, this gets other people actively involved and makes children aware of the problems in the world. The secret is to have fun and good fellowship while all these things are going on, this brings the community together.

While we try to have a big money raising activity each year, the club also has an ongoing commitment to other international causes. Nyumbani Appeal is a nationwide charity that raises money for orphaned children, suffering from HIV/AIDS, in Kenya. Shoe Box Appeal, participants fill shoe boxes with none perishable items. These are then sent to Eastern Europe at Easter and Christmas for needy children. Sand Dams, these dams are constructed in the arid sub-Saharan parts of Africa using local materials and labour. The dam is built on the dry bed of a river and fills with sand and gravel which traps water during the rainy season, this water can then be used during the dry part of the year. Cupar Rotary supports these and other charities in an ongoing basis.

We hope to live up to Rotary International's motto "caring for communities".