The Committee's main aim is to raise money for the Rotary Foundation, which is the charitable arm of Rotary International.  A secondary aim is to keep the Club's membership fully aware of what the Rotary Foundation does.


The Cupar club organises a series of internal fund raising initiatives to raise money for the Rotary Foundation.  One of these involves members being entertained once a year at the homes of fellow members.  This is a pleasant way of raising money and increases the ethos of friendship within the Club.


The Rotary Foundation is an extremely efficiently run charity because much of the organisation is done by volunteers.  Money spent in other countries often involves liaising with Rotary Clubs on the spot, which again keeps administrative costs down and very substantially eliminates the possibility of corruption and general malpractice.


Individual clubs are able to apply for grants to help fund projects at home as well as abroad.  In this way some of the money raised by individual clubs is returned to them.  In the case of large projects clubs can work together, which is particularly beneficial in enabling smaller clubs to become involved.  The Cupar club was recently awarded a grant of £2500 to help with a water project in Uganda, and we have helped fund several similar projects in recent years in Nepal. 


The Rotary Foundation's best known initiative is its involvement with the Bill Gates foundation in the campaign to End Polio Now.  At the other extreme, however, much charitable work is done at a very localised level.  This balance and variety of involvement  and activity makes Rotary membership a particularly worthwhile experience!