Mary's meals

The Management Committee oversees the general running of the Rotary Club, and is the link with Rotary International, R.I.B.I.( the British and Irish Leadership) and our District ( District 1010, one of the 3 Rotary Districts in Scotland). 

At Club level, this committee deals with the statutory requirements of Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity, Protection of Vulnerable Groups, Insurance, to name a few.  Both the Treasurer and Secretary report to this Committee.

Communication with the good public in our area is very important, and this club is now using social media as well as the traditional routes.The role of our Sports Committee and our House and Fellowship Committee is to ensure our

Members have the opportunity to enjoy themselves not just  at our weekly meetings, but also on organised visits and outings.

At most of our weekly meetings we have a  speaker who has the floor for approx. 20 minutes, and it is quite surprising the variety of topics which our Members have been entertained by.  Sporting events include golf, ten-pin bowling, organised walks, curling and an annual trip to the Himalayas ( St. Andrews).

The Committee is chaired by the current President-Elect.