Speaker Alan Morrell spoke about his family's involvement in WW1

Wed 1st April 2015

Alan Morrell spoke about his family's involvement in WW1. Wives and friends are invited to attend. --------------- Speaker Finder Alan Morrell, Visitors Host Grace and Banners David Burrows, Cash Desk Robert Allan

Alan told how his father who died in 1964 had left a hand written diary that was a treasury of information about his time in World War One. Edwin Morrell was born in 1893 and worked as a clerk for the Sunderland Gas Board until September 1914 when he enlisted as a Territorial Reserve with the Durham Light Infantry.

The pictures above show the main battle lines for almost the entire war which is where he spent almost the entire war. The pictures tell the story of the war and a little of his part in it. He fought in the battles of the Somme from 4/14/1918 to 16/4/1918 then he was bussed to the Lys River Offensive where he fought from 1/5/1918 to 1/7/1918 and then to Aisne offensive where he fought from 29/9/1918 to 11/11/1918. He moved up to just south of Mons on Armistice Day.

For his bravery and length of service on the front line Edwin received the WWW1 Croix de Guerre from Belgium and is listed among the Notable Receipients to receive the medal. He was also mentioned in Despatches for his gallant and distinguished service in the field.