Ebola Collection

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Members from the Rotary Club of Monrovia donate essential items to families quarantined by Ebola

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Due entirely  to the generosity of the Witney Community the Street Collection  arranged by the Rotary Club of Witney on 13th December for families affected by Ebola in West Africa raised  £1200. To date the club has contributed £1500 to the Appeal. organised by the Rotary Club of Monrovia and managed locally by the Rotary Club of Marlow

So where does our money go?
It goes directly to the Rotary Club of Monrovia, they will use it to directly help control the spread of the disease and help those affected by it.
How will they do this?
They work directly with the communities and the Hospitals, bringing in essential supplies and distributing them to where they are needed most. Many families find themselves with nothing when their clothing and bedding is burnt, as part of the sterilising process after the death of an Ebola victim.
What is needed?
There is a massive shortage of even the most basic of preventative equipment, face masks, soap, sterilising fluids, surgical gloves, mattress, mattress covers, bedding, protective wear and much more.
How is this organised?
The Rotary Club of Monrovia is directly involved on the ground. They offer organisation co-ordination and focused leadership, getting what is needed directly to where it is needed most.

The explosive spread of Ebola in West Africa is not just killing the infected but ripping apart health services, devastating communities, and destroying people's ability to support themselves.

Latest figures from the World Health Organisation (WHO) (10th December 2014) estimate that nearly 18,000 people have contracted Ebola, with deaths totaling nearly 6,500, and the outbreak continues to spread.

The situation is affecting the rest of the health systems, as resources are diverted to treat patients, leaving clinics and hospitals unable to administer general healthcare, and having to close.

Also, because of restrictions of cross border imports of produce and members of farming communities being affected by the disease, food is becoming scarce in some places, which has lead to prices increasing beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Click here.... for news from Liberia provided  by the Rotary Club of Marlow with a link to the Facebook page for the Rotary Club of Monrovia.

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