An insight into Antiques

Malcolm Ferrow describes how he developed an interest in antiques and consequently his business evolved.

At our meeting on Tuesday, 27th January, 2015, we welcomed Malcolm Ferrow, a former member of the Club, who was to speak to us about antiques.   Malcolm started his working life in Arnolds Store on the tie counter.   After a short period of time he decided that that career was not for him and he left not knowing quite what to do.   He did however acquire a few pieces of china, which he cleaned, and headed for the Market, to become a market trade.   At his first attempt as a salesman he laid out his few pieces, on the ground, for lack of a stall, and was very pleased at the end of the day that he had sold all his items.   He was immediately bitten and realised that was where hi future lay.   His first big deal was when his father told him of a forthcoming sale of the stock of a dealer in one of the old row houses and he was able to buy the whole of the contents for