The Conquest of the Incas

A presentation from Dr. Nick Ireland's visit to Peru.

We welcomed Dr. Nick Ireland to our meeting lon the 23rd. March, 2016, when he made a return visit to the Club to tell us about his visit to Peru.   The title of his talk was “The Conquest of the Incas” and, with the aid of a power point presentation, Nick was able to relive his visit over the next twenty minutes.  It was in 2006 when Nick joined a party who were visiting Peru and after landing at Lima and visiting the magnificent cathedral  there, the party made their way South.   They were travelling on foot for the best part and came across shantytowns and spent the evenings round camp fires and singing songs before retiring to their tents.   They went on a Gringo tour by sand buggy to see pelicans and seals.  They found that accommodation in the hotel there was only £8 per night, which, Nick said, was a welcome change from sleeping under canvas.  Nick had a large number of pictures of the scenery and the local residents who loved to be photographed by the tourists showing off their very colourful costumes.  On the Pacific coast they saw Sea Eagles and also Condors which had wingspans of some six feet and which were very regal looking birds.   The party travelled by bus to Machupicchu where they trekked and also found Lake Titicaca at 10,000 feet above sea level.  Rtn. Stephen Brindley  thanked Nick for his very interesting and informative talk.