Alzheimers Research

An very interesting and informative talk by Jessica Hiscocks who is the Regional Fundraising Officer (East) for Alzheimers Research, based in Cambridge

At our meeting on the 9th June, 2015, we welcomed, as our speaker, Jessica Hiscocks who is the Regional Fundraising Officer (East) for Alzheimers Research which is based in Cambridge.    Jessica has been in her present post for almost two years having previously held positions with other Charities.   She likes to be involved with Charities which are dear to her heart and her involvement with Alzheimers Research began following her grandmother who suffered with that disease.   The Research branch is separate from The Alzheimers Society but they do work in tandem.  Dementia is used to describe a set of symptoms.   It is not generic and can affect people in their 30s as well as those much older.   There are 850,000 persons in the UK suffering from dementia, which is generally diagnosed by a memory test, and it is not a natural part of aging.   It is estimated that by 2025 there will be one million sufferers from the disease.   The vision of Alzheimers Research is to free the world of dementia.   The following age related changes are; making bad decisions once in a while, missing a monthly payment, forgetting what day it is, forgetting which word to use and losing things from time to time.   So far as Alzheimers is concerned, some of the symptoms are, making poor judgments and the inability to manage money.   There are 82,500 sufferers in East Anglia with 15,000 in Norfolk alone.    The Research Branch employs seven hundred dementia researchers and they hope, over a period of five years to delay the development of dementia and to significantly reduce the number of people suffering from the disease.   President Gillian Brown thanked Jessica for her very interesting and informative talk.