The work of the YMCA

Amanda Bayfield the Community Manager of YMCA (Norfolk) talked about the work of the local YMCA

At our meeting on Tuesday, 19th January, 2016, we welcomed Amanda Bayfield the Community Manager of YMCA (Norfolk) who is based in Great Yarmouth. Amanda spoke  to us about the premises at Great Yarmouth, which can accommodate 55 people and has its offices above the living accommodation.  She told us about “Life Ready” which is a bespoke support and advice project, for the 16 - 25 year olds, living in Great Yarmouth and the surrounding area.   To qualify those youngsters must be homeless or at the risk of homelessness, for example, living with parents but are having a lot of arguments.  For those people the YMCA can offer one-to-one support with a dedicated worker to whom they can talk in confidence.   There are also trips out to college and university open days and local training providers and other opportunities.   Health and well being activities including sport, gym sessions, bike maintenance and arts and crafts and short courses in money skills, tenancy awareness and cooking on a budget to help youngsters cope better when they are on their own.   Support is also given to get into training, education volunteering, or employment – from helping to fill in forms to attending college interviews together.    Amanda expressed her thanks for the support our Club has given to her organisation and hopes that we may in the future continue to do so.