Rotary Street Collection in aid of Polio Eradication

Sat 8th April 2017 at 09.00 - 15.00

in Witney Town Centre

An opportunity for Witney, that means me and you, to do our bit for the good of the world! Our donations will help fund the major effort now underway to banish Polio from the Planet!

Working under the banner of 'Polio Eradication' Rotary Clubs from across the world have been collecting , contributing and adding hands-on support to finally wipe out this horrible disease, for ever!.

After a campaign that started in 1985 the number of cases each year is almost down to single figures, if we can only arrive at a situation where there are no further cases anywhere in the world for three consecutive years the experts will declare victory.

Polio will be eradicated.

Your donation will help to make that possible. Please add your support.