Application Form for Funding

We consider applications from individuals or groups, particularly in the Cockermouth area, subject to certain criteria. Contact our for an application form to complete and return by email.




Please complete each section.  The more information you can provide the easier it is for us to decide if an award can be made.    If you need more space please add separate sheets of paper.  If you have other materials please include it.


Name of Group/Organisation.


Name of Applicant (If under 18 or a vulnerable adult, please also give contact name of Parent or Guardian as well)




Contact Details:   (If  under 18  or a vulnerable adult, please give contact details of Parent or Guardian only )







Phone                                     Landline                                       Mobile


Email address



Please describe the project for which you seek our support.










Where and when will the project take place?









Who will benefit from the project and how will they benefit? (including age and geographical location of beneficiaries )  



Total cost of the Project.



Cost breakdown for the project.









How do you intend to raise the additional funds needed for the project?






How much have you raised to date and from whom?







Have you approached any other Rotary Club and what was the outcome?




How much are you seeking from Cockermouth Rotary?




What specifically is any award to be spent on?





Is there any deadline by which you would need our decision?






Is there anything you wish to add not covered by the previous questions?







Are you prepared to give a presentation to Cockermouth Rotary about the project if required? 




Signed                                                          Date

Your application will be considered at the next meeting of the Club Council who meet on first Monday of every month (August-May)

You can request an application form from our Secretary, Wendy Sanders by emailing Rotary Club of Cockermouth.


If we consider that your application has merit but we need further information we may contact you to provide this, either by email, phone or exceptionally in a face to face discussion.

We are allocating charitable funds and have a duty of care and need to confirm that any grant made has been spent for the purpose provided as laid out by the Charity Commission and therefore ask that on completion of your project you confirm that any funds awarded were used for the original specified purpose and if not, please give details.

Where appropriate we ask that The Rotary Club of Cockermouth may publicise details of the award.  This is to demonstrate that charitable funds are being used well, encourage other applicants to apply for assistance and encourage the public to make further donations.

The information you supply will be used by the Rotary Club of Cockermouth for administrative purposes within the terms of the Data Protection Act 1988. We shall not supply it to third parties


The Rotary Club of Cockermouth raises money for its trust fund which is a registered charity. Among others, awards are made to local charities and local good causes. No one in the Rotary club receives payment for this activity.

Local good causes include, but are not restricted to charities, local organisations and local community groups.

The types of activities that the club is likely to support include;

  • Individual projects or specific one-off project costs which need funding. We cannot commit to supporting continuing activities or activities which require constant maintenance;



  • Activities which are of benefit to the Cockermouth community (all or in part )


  • Activities which are character-forming and if carried out abroad are of benefit to the host nation;


  • Of very specific benefit to an individual where other funding sources are inadequate.


      We are unlikely to support:


  • Ongoing projects which have a constant need for funding;



  • Contributions to a general fund which although of overall benefit are used for a wide variety of non-specific projects or ongoing maintenance;


  • National organisations where there is little or no local involvement.

  • Retrospective applications

  • Individual applications not supported by an organization or group.