Soapbox Derby Test System

Test Page to demonstrate the facilities of the system using the 2019 Soapbox Derby as the example.

Soapbox Derby 2019 - Test

This page is set up to demonstrate links to the Redbox ticketing system.

To Enter a Soapbox click on the button below:

To Buy a ticket - Family or individual, click on the button below:

(Note - for this test, demo prices set at Advance Saver levels, not Super Saver.)

To Sponsor a Soapbox Team, click on the button below:

(Note: This is set up for team 312.  Normally, we have a page listing all the teams, with links from each team's name to the payment page for that team - controlled by a spreadsheet "Master" file - we provide this (each time there is a change) to Redbox.