250 trees to be planted in Phase 1 of Clitheroe Rotary Woods project

October 2020 - - Green-fingered members of Clitheroe Rotary have joined forces to create Clitheroe Rotary Woods – with the intention of establishing their first ‘Rotary Wood’ during National Tree Week.

Some 250 trees will be planted between 30 November and 6 December with the intention that this modest beginning is just the first of further woods and possible a community orchard in Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley in the future.

‘We like to think ourselves as People of Action and with the ever-increasing concern over our environment and how it is affecting the climate, decided to establish a sub-committee within Clitheroe Rotary to start planting trees,’ said Andy Belcham, who chairs the group.

‘Planting up our first Rotary Wood during National Tree Week is a good way to draw attention to this important project and its hoped that this will be the first of many Woods in and around Clitheroe.  We have our next delivery of trees on order for Spring 2021 and are already negotiating our next sites.’

Three potential sites are currently under discussion for the National Tree Week project with the group coordinating the activities through a Clitheroe Rotary Woods Facebook group.  Not only does the project involve the planting of trees, but maintenance and development is key with a view to learning in order to create further woods and orchards in the future.  The group aims to engage with members of the local community and schools and collaborate with other organisations to grow the project.

‘We all need to do our bit to reduce the carbon footprint,’ said Andy, ‘and increasing the number of trees planted in our town and protecting our woods by increasing woodland is going to be a great benefit for our town, the wildlife and ultimately our climate.

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