Rotary Scholars Evening 26 Oct 7pm

Mon 26th October 2020 at 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm

By Zoom, with video recording of event now available to view

Rotary Scholars

Hello and welcome

To view the recording of this event, please click on the link below.

It was pleasing to welcome follow Rotarians from the DIstrict

If you wish to view a segmant of the meeting for individual scholars, please make note of the timings shown below and fast forward the recording by the appropriate number of minutes:

Agenda and schedule of recording

  • Start +0.00 mins - welcome from President Janet Eustace and Keith Crawford
  • Start + 7.22 mins - Intro to Kelsea Jeon - from USA, MPhil in Socio-Legal Research, introduced by Rtn Jim Fife (Eynsham) pp Tessa Hammond
  • Start +17.55 mins - Intro to Rahel Warnatsch - from Germany, MSc in Child Development and Education, introduced Rtn Shelagh Garvey (Didcot)
  • Start +29.53 mins - Into to Karoline Becker - from Germany, 2nd year of MPhil in Development Studies, introduced by Rtn Chris Philip (Newbury)
  • Start +43.20 mins - Keith at half time
  • Start + 45.20 mins - Intro to Tetsuya Imaoka - from Japan, MSc in Migration Studies, introduced by Rtn Colin Campbell (Wallingford & Dist)
  • Start + 55.15 mins - Intro to Nicole Graejewski - from USA, 3rd year of DPhil in International Relations - speaking from Harvard
  • Start + 67.00 mins - Intro to Sari Ohsada - from Canada, MSc in Environmental Change and management, introduced by Rtn Glyn James (Faringdon)
  • Start + 77.00 mins - Closing remarks - Marius (DG) and Janet (President)

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