Handover at start of meeting then Speaker Mike Clewes

Wed, Jul 5th 2023 at 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Speaker Finder Mike Clewes told us of how a 10 day trip to the USA turned into him living there 7 years, Visitors Host, Grace & Banners Peter Meredith, Cash Desk & Sergeant at Arms Barry Smith

Past President Robert Allan hands over office to incoming President Atif

Having just finished an internal audit in Bolton that had uncovered a fraud Mike said that he was asked to undertake another internal audit at the subsidiary in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Before setting off he was given a dossier of events that were worrying the main board directors. As well as the substantial losses being racked up these included rumours of a Mafia involvement and shots being fired at a secretary in the car park.

He was told not to tell anybody at Syltone where I was going as they didn’t want the news to get back to the US managing director before he arrived.

He went on his first ever flight from Leeds Bradford for Heathrow with inter links to JFK New York, Indianapolis finally arriving in Louisville. During the audit he uncovered the fact that the subsidiary managing director had set up his own company in Canada making competing equipment to that sold by Syltone and was touring the USA selling his equipment at Sytoone's expense.

He was asked to stay on until the group CEO could come out a deal with the matter. During that time his motel bedroom door was smashed down whilst he was out and his bedroom ransacked but nothing taken.

Once the CEO came out the M.D. was taken to the solicitor's office and fired.

On returning to the company the CEO’s briefcase started ticking. Mike picked up the briefcase and rushed out into the middle of the car park with it. He gingerly opened the case and found in it a small leather case that was the item that was ticking. It turned out to be a small Dictaphone that the CEO had borrowed and had set it to record the meeting in the Lawyers office. He’d forgotten to turn it off and it had come to the end of the tape.

He was then asked to stay in the USA for 3 months to help shut the company down but during that time it started making a profit and he was then asked to stay and keep the company going until they found a new MD. They never even tried to find one and hence he was there almost 7 years.

He then went on to explain a few amusing incidents during his time there mainly revolving around the fact that they spoke a different English language to that in the UK.

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