Visit to Sanctus

Thu, May 9th 2024 at 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

We visit Sanctus to support them and have lunch.

A woman and a man standing in a cafe

Today’s was our last visit to Sanctus. Or was it?

Ten of us went there for lunch, arriving between 1 pm and 1:30 pm so they could get on uninterrupted with their services for their usual clientele. The staff and volunteers kindly set up two tables for us inside. The food they serve is very tasty. We sat and chatted while we munched. A dog belonging to one of the regulars explored under our tables for any dropped scraps but was disappointed.

When we had finished the manager, Toni, came and spoke to us enthusiastically about some of their fund-raising projects, including a Fun Day at Chelmsford City Racecourse and a stall at the Chelmsford Beer and Cider Festival. A company that will be working in Chelmsford for two or three years has also offered to make substantial donations over that period.

Our own main interest is in our Club becoming one of their Centurions for a monthly donation from us of £100 per month. They hope to recruit 100 companies, clubs and groups. So far they have given it very little publicity but have already attracted interest from fourteen.

So far as we are concerned the main advantage would be the opportunities it gives us to network with local business people and give greater publicity to Rotary. As a Centurion our Club would additionally receive advance notice of the events they arrange for supporters, such as their recent Gin Tasting Evening. Toni also offered us support for some of our own activities, including the quizzes we arrange from time to time. Sanctus could be an excellent venue.

Was this our last visit? Toni seemed quite keen on seeing us again, particularly if our Club was one of their Centurions. She even suggested we could eat for free, but that did not meet with our approval!

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