Rtn Graham Furnival: Murder it ain't!

Thu, Apr 25th 2024 at 12:45 pm - 2:15 pm

(At the Ivy Hill Hotel.) Another fascinating talk from our retired police detective.

A woman's body lying by a kerb

We had two visitors today.

One was Michelle Reed, who was the barmaid at the Marconi Sports & Social Club (later Hamptons) when we met there. It was good to see her again and she enjoyed meeting and chatting to those of us who were members in those days.

The second was Gaynor Smith of Rickard Luckin, who are Friends of our Club. Acting President Keith Dabbs presented her with a Friends certificate for them. (President Francis is due to return from holiday next week.)

A grey-haired man wearing a Rotary name badgeOur member Graham Furnival gave his talk today the title above. He spoke about a homicide investigation he undertook some 30 years ago. A jeweller disturbed a burglar at his parents home which he visited whilst they were away. Having entered through the front door he was confronted by the masked intruder in a confined space. After being sprayed with CS gas by the burglar and fearing for his own protection there was a struggle and the burglar was stabbed in the chest and died before reaching hospital. Following a police investigation the jeweller was not charged with murder but released on bail. A subsequent Coroner’s inquest returned a verdict of lawful killing and that the jeweller was acting in self defence.

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