A Tour of the Cape Wine-lands

Memebers enjoyed a comprehensive wine tasting experience and dined in style.

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Wine lovers gathered at St Augustines to take "A Tour of the Cape Winelands".

Dr Shane Gordon introduced the evening by explaining the geography of The Cape and where the different wine-growing regions are situated.

As each of four white wines and four red wines were dispensed for tasting, Shane gave detailed information about the the vineyard, wine grower, grapes used and the character of the wine. Having appreciated each wine, the tasters were invited to rate the wine by colour, taste, nose and length and a straw poll was taken to identify the favourite white wine and the favourite red wine. (So that voters were not influenced unduly by altruistic considerations, the price of the wines was not revealed until after judgement had been passed!)

After the eight wines had been sampled, St Augustine's staff served an excellent two-course meal of Wild Mushroom Pat