Annual visit to Tools For Self Reliance Milton Keynes

Club members cleaning and giving a new life to hand tools whilst on our annual visit of Tuesday 21st May 2019




Tools for Self-Reliance in Milton Keynes is a charity that provides a safe and caring working environment where volunteers, including those with learning disabilities, can refurbish donated old tools transforming them into comprehensive tool-kits for onward distribution to developing countries and emerging entrepreneurs. 

Small and micro enterprises are critical to reducing inequality and improving life chances for people in some of the poorest countries in the world. Vocational training and small scale enterprises are crucial for achieving change, and TFSR plays an important part in livelihood development in Africa.

Tools for Self-Reliance in Southampton work with local African organisations to deliver a programme of tools and training to bring about effective and sustainable change to trades people and their communities.  This supports and empowers Artisan and Women’s groups contributing to their community’s self-reliance working to help relieve poverty in Africa. 

Vocational training provides people with the skills they need to set up their own business. Trainees are provided with a toolkit to get them started. As well as technical training in trades such as carpentry, welding, and bricklaying, they also provide training in business and financial management.  This approach gives people the best chance of success.  On average, 85% of people who join a training course are running a business and have increased their income six months after completion. With the additional income from their own enterprises, trainees are able to buy more food of a better quality, improve their living conditions, educate their children, and access medical care.

The Rotary Club of Barton Clay is a keen supporter of TFSR both in Milton Keynes and Southampton.  Support has included donation of old tools, refurbishment of the workshop as well as tools and most recently provision of a small generator.  In addition the Club has supported TFSR and its partners in Malawi over the past two years in providing vocational training.